Master P Reviews Corner Kids Apparel!


On November 9, 2020, I took a quick break from working at home to take my puppy, Kanan, out. While Kanan’s doin’ his business, I decide to jump on Instagram real quick and I see that Master P posted a 55-second video. In the video, he stated that he was starting a product review channel for small businesses to send in their products to be reviewed by him and his co-host, AKA his “genie.” The video had no other details or information. 

Immediately, I’m thinking, “I have to send my package RIGHT NOW.” I get Kanan back in the house and begin to sort through my products to see what I should send. I figured there would be a lot of people sending in their clothing brands, so I had to stand out and be different. So, I decided to package the products exactly how I would send them to a paying customer. In addition to my regular packaging, I penned (yes, ya boy has some creative writing skills) a letter, explaining what Cörner Kids Apparel was all about and the message it represented. While writing the letter, I had no idea if Master P would read it, toss it, or what. I just knew this was an AMAZING opportunity and I wasn't going to leave anything to chance.

After my package and letter were completed I rushed to the post office, which is like a 7min drive from my house. I arrive at the post office and say a quick prayer before I go in. I get to the counter and the clerk sees the Corner Kids poly bag and he asks me what it was. We small talk about the brand and I tell him Master P is reviewing products and wants people to send them so he can review them on his social media. The clerk then says:

"Really? I'm from the same projects as P in the Calliope Projects. P is really from there! He’s really from the mud. It's crazy how successfully he is coming out of that place. Good luck to you bro.” He finished packing up my box and placed it in the mailing bin. I later followed up with the tracking and the package made it to P on November 12th. 

On December 3rd, P dropped a video on his Instagram with details on when and how the show would be set up. The premise of the show was to review small business products on his social media alongside his "Genie". P and his "Genie" would rate the products 1-10. The show was set to air on January 1, 2021. There was no indication of how or even when people would be selected. I was in the dark about everything! As the first air date loomed, I noticed his YouTube Channel had a video "scheduled" to drop on the 1st so that's how I realized how the reviews would be released.

Every day I watched and waited until my brand was reviewed, and nothing. So, I took it upon myself to again make my presence known. I made it a point to comment on every YouTube video and Instagram post he released. The reason for this was to be recognized or noticed in the comment section. 

On January 5th, my persistence paid off, and one of P's assistants replied to one of my YouTube comments. The next day we set up a pre-recorded zoom call to thank P for the opportunity and then speak about my brand. Afterward, his assistant told me they should get to my review by the end of the month. I was very excited about the opportunity. I didn't really tell anyone so the moment could be that much more special when it happens.

Roughly on about January 16th, there was a video scheduled to drop on P’s YouTube channel named "EP 17 GET OUT YOUR COMFORT ZONE". I was excited and skeptical at the same time because I was 95% certain that it was my brand but I was trying to keep my cool. Patiently waiting for January 18th, 930pm to roll around. 

Master P sitting on a couch with a female co host holding the best clothing brand in the world. The shirt red with a white design. Master P is holding a black hat with a multi color plane logo with Corner kids apparel on the front.


On January 18th, I turn on YouTube, The intro comes on and he's reading the package. He says "Hey Genie, where's this from?” And she replies "umm Georgia!” And I say “OH SHIT! That’s mine!” He proceeds to open one of the packages and P takes one of the shirts (our Original Premium V Neck Tee) out of the clear poly bag and immediately acknowledges the quality of the shirt. I can't front that had me on cloud 9! Then Genie sees my letter and she starts to read it!

As I stated earlier, I had no idea if they would read the letter, but she did! As she's reading the letter that I wrote almost 2 months prior, I'm started to get emotional because I know how much time, effort, and money I put into my brand, and to have this happen on "THIS DAY, January 18th" meant so much. 

The significance of January 18th is that it’s the day my dad passed in 2017. There was no coincidence P dropped the review on this day. This was one of the many times my dad has reminded me that he's always with me. I miss my dad.

After Genie finished the letter, Master P dropped the shirt he was about to open, and says, “Wow!” and began clapping! That was so reassuring to see one of my business idols being at a loss for words and applaud something I created. I cannot describe in words how that made me feel. Not many people can say one of their idols held their products and loved them! I'm just blessed, man.

P and the Genie gave me a 9 out of 10. This was an amazing experience! Many awesome things have happened since, and I’m certain this is just the beginning of what’s to come. I'm just so happy I happened to check my Instagram at the right time to see the post that has forever changed my life.


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