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Freedom Over
Inspired by one of the founding principles behind Corner Kids. Never let doubt get in the way of your goals! Choose Freedom!
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We're dedicated to motivating our customers, encouraging them to break free of their comfort zones, and inspiring them to never be afraid to fly.


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I love all my shirts & mask, amazing quality. If I had to choose a favorite is the peach vintage shirt. The packaging is top tier plus you get a sticker with every purchase. 😍

Zaiqueirra N.

Definitely will be ordering again. Great quality in material. Fits just right. Packing was probably the best I’ve ever seen. Last but not least the fast delivery. This is a clothing line we need to make sure stays around for a long time.

Jerome B.

Easy process from online to your front door. The packaging is also A1 can definitely feel the quality of the materials. Highly recommend the brand to any influencers out there trying to make a statement.

Erik M.

I have purchased a total of 4 items from the company and have not been disappointed with anything! The quality of the shirt and sweatshirts, customer service, and timeliness of delivery is impeccable! Highly recommend the products, and will continue to support this business.

LaWana H.

Excellent brand! Best quality products I’ve come across.. Great presentation! Great customer service! I’m a Corner Kid myself and I’ve never been afraid to fly!! Thanks guys! -fly high

Wayne T.

Quality is prefect! Service was better!

Troy S.