Our Story

I was born in Hawaii but moved to Washington before eventually settling in Lincoln, Nebraska at the age of seven. I lived in Lincoln for the majority of my life; that was my comfort zone. Although I love my city, I always wanted more than what my city could offer me. Also, I didn’t see much success, especially for people that look like me. My strong family ties and fear of flying hindered my plans of moving abroad.

When I finally built up the courage to get on a plane, it opened up my eyes to so much more. My fear of flying was put to rest and spawned the idea of moving away. Hesitant initially, but excited the day I  decided to leave my comfort zone; I put my fears, doubts, and inhibitions to the side and decided to fly.

In 2013, I left my comfort zone and moved to Atlanta, GA to find my version of success. Cörner Kids is a symbol for those willing to leave their own comfort zone to find their own version of success.

Our Vision

Cörner Kids will undeniably be the go-to- brand that represents millennials seeking to leave their comfort zone and find their version of success.

  • Our Values

    Discover our brand values.

  • Keep it a hunnit 💯

    We will always be honest about who
    we are and what we stand for.

  • Quality

    We provide high quality sustainable
    products and a seamless customer

  • Empower

    Empowerment is at our core. Through our story, messaging, and the #ichosetofly initiative, we actively initiate you to redefine success and find your unique path.

  • Be Different But Dope

    Our in-house designers will create
    original designs and products that will stand out amongst the standouts.

  • Build Our Community

    #ichosetofly is an initiative created
    by our founder to support millennials pursuing success as; new creatives, entrepreneurs, and outside-the-box thinkers on their journey to success.